1. Please make sure you collect your sample on the day you are due to go to the Clinical Trial Unit.
  2. The sample should be taken from your first urine of the day, i.e. taken from the first time you go to the bathroom after you have woken up in the morning. (If you wake up frequently in the night, any sample from 5/6am onwards is considered the first fasted morning sample).
  3. Remove the lid from the beaker.
  4. Discard a small amount of your urine and fill the beaker, until approximately three quarters full.
  5. Firmly reattach the lid of the beaker.
  6. Partially peel back the white protective label covering the lid of the beaker until the hole is visible. Please do not remove it completely.
  7. Take the sample tube from your test kit and insert the yellow end with the vacuum seal into the hole in the lid of the beaker.
  8. Press the sample tube down firmly and fill it until approximately half full. Please note that the seal on the sample tube is a vacuum design that only works once.
  • If you have difficulty filling it this way, please remove both the beaker and sample tube lids, and decant the urine sample directly from the beaker into the sample tube until half-full. Discard any excess urine from the beaker into the toilet and dispose of the beaker. Re-screw the lid of the sample tube back on and proceed directly to step 9 (omitting 8).
  1. Stick the label on the lid of the beaker back down, discard any excess urine into the toilet and dispose of the beaker in a general waste bin.
  2. Please proceed to place the sample tube into the small silver bag provided, and seal it carefully.
  3. Store your sample bag in the fridge until you are ready to go to the Clinical Trial Unit on the date agreed. This bag is leak proof and odorless once properly sealed, so it is sanitary to do so. There is a padded sheet inside the silver bag so if it breaks for any reason, the liquid will be absorbed.
  4. Remember to take the sample with you to the Clinical Trial unit, and hand it to your point of contact at the unit, on the day you start the clinical trial.


Thank you for your participation!