Keep track of dietary habits for sustainable lifestyle changes

This program provides the dietitian or nutritionist with the insight to track the quality of an individual's diet over time. The program is recommended to last 10-12 months and contains five steps:

1. In the first week, a single sample to serve as a zero-measure

2. About 6 weeks after step 1, five daily samples in a single week

3. Mid-program, about 6 weeks after step 2, three samples in a single week

4. Late-program, about 12 weeks after step 3, three samples in a single week

5. End-of-program, a single sample to serve as an end-point

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  • Sample kit with baseline + 12 sample tubes, delivered by mail
  • Sample kit collection by courier
  • Analyses of samples
  • 5 MetaboTracker reports, for each step
  • Your MetaboTracker reports will be available within 7 days upon receipt of your urine sample in our lab facility

  • Your sample kit will be sent by mail upon receipt of payment
  • You can arrange collection of your sample on a date and location of your choice
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