Plan ahead

Please read these instructions carefully, and set a reminder to take a sample of your first morning urine on the day before, or on the day of collection by the courier. This is typically after 6am and before you have breakfast or consume any food or beverages. 


Contents of the sample kit

  • 1 sample cup
  • 1 sample tube
  • 1 sample bag


Step by step instructions

  1. Remove the lid from the sample cup.
  2. Discard a small amount of your first morning urine and then proceed to fill the sample cup, to approximately half full.
  3. Firmly reattach the lid of the sample cup.
  4. Peel back the white protective label covering the lid of the sample cup slightly, until the hole is visible. Please do not remove it completely.
  5. Open the sample tube and insert it into the hole in the lid of the sample cup.
  6. Press the sample tube down firmly and fill the sample tube until it is approximately three quarters full. Please note that the seal on the sample tube is a vacuum design that only works once. If you have difficulty filling the sample tube, please remove the lid and poor directly from the larger sample cup.
  7. Stick the sample cup label back down, discard any excess urine into the toilet and dispose of the sample cup in a general waste bin.
  8. Proceed to place the sample tube into the silver bag provided and seal it carefully. Once sealed, it is leakproof. 
  9. Store your sample bag in the freezer until the courier comes to collect it.

Thank you for your participation!