Enhance your team performance

This program is tailored for professional sports teams to provide the nutritional coach or dietician with personalized recommendations and to track progress over time.

For 1 participant, please select Metabotracker Pro Individual

Please click here to order Metabotracker pro for more than 30 participants

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  • Sample kit for each participant, with baseline + 12 sample tubes, delivered by mail

  • Sample kits collected by courier, in each of the five steps

  • Analysis of samples, in each of the five steps

  • 5 Individual MetaboTracker reports, for each step

  • 5 Aggregated MetaboTracker reports for the team (from a minimum of 5 participants)

  • Your sample kit will be sent by mail upon receipt of payment
  • You can arrange collection of your sample on a date and location of your choice


We care about your privacy. As soon as your samples reach our laboratory, your data will be anonymised and held in a secure server which is located in Germany. Our analysis and report processing is fully automated and quality controlled by our expert team.

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